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Leadership Development

We can create a customized program that meets your needs. Our leadership development programs range from 2 to 12 days, depending on your scope, goals, and budget. We believe leadership development must include EQ, Communication, Conflict Management and Team Engagement. Everything else builds from that foundation.

Emotional Intelligence

The evidence is in: professionals with higher emotional intelligence (EQ) produce superior financial performance for their companies. EQ skills set you apart and drive your career forward. Because the emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain, leaders with high EQ make better decisions in real time.

Performance arises from our thoughts and emotions. EQ factors integrate thoughts and emotions for expert self-management and influence with others.

Everyone can increase their EQ. With our program, you have fun in the process. We weave theory, practice, and interaction into a cohesive and engaging workshop. Participants learn about themselves while gaining practical tips and techniques to take back to their workplace.

Unleashing Your Inner Badass!

When it comes to career success, there is a specific definition for the word “luck:” Timing + Preparation

This workshop is about the preparation. We will focus on how to bring out our “inner badass:” clear, goal-oriented, focused, assertive, and very attractive. That’s right, your confidence and conviction can attract the right people.

Speaker Bootcamp

It is nearly impossible to advance your career without taking the stage and commanding an audience every once in a while. Whether you are a pro behind the podium or would rather have a root canal than stand up and speak in public, we can help your and your team become more influential and persuasive.

Practice, performance, feedback, and discussion are the tools used to strengthen speaking skills. Strongly encouraged: videotaped feedback.

Don’t have the time or the budget for an onsite workshop? We’ve got you covered. Want to keep your speaker training on the down low? We can make that happen. You can even stay in your pajamas with our Dynamic Speaker Series.


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