About Barbara

Barbara wants to help you transform your team, your leadership skills, your public speaking prowess, and help you achieve world domination. OK, forget the last one.

Barbara is a genius according Malcolm Gladwell’s definition of 10,000 hours. She has spent the last twenty years designing and facilitating workshops around these skillsets.

When not running a program, Barbara is an executive coach, helping clients advance their careers and achieve their personal and professional goals.

For the last ten years, Barbara taught leadership communication at The Wharton School of Business, and still consults with the McNulty Leadership Program. She believes that at the core of any successful leader or high-performing team is the ability to communicate well. She combines her naturally-buzzed energy with her Irish Catholic humor and hard-won leadership skills to help professionals thrive at work.

Barbara is a certified facilitator with the NeuroLeaderhip Institute and Corporate Coach University. A native Bostonian, Barbara is a proud member of Red Sox Nation. She lives a secret life as a fitness instructor. Her favorite motivational saying, which she is pretty sure she made up herself, is: no one can do push-ups for you.

So, if you, your team or your organization are ready to work, send us an email at hello@barbararoche.net. Otherwise, feel free to look around. No presh!

Barbara’s Motto: No one can do push-ups for you.

Quick Overview

Barbara launched her own company in 2005 in order to find more time for dancing, and to help build healthy, inspiring workplaces. Clients hire Barbara for a particular soft-skill workshop, like speaker bootcamp, or for a full-scale leadership development program. She works in a wide range of industries and has delivered results for JP Morgan Chase, DuPont, Discover Card, Cigna, Coca Cola, and many others.


Barbara holds coaching certifications from Corporate Coach University and Right Management. She is also certified in MBTI, TKI, EQi 2.0, and several other assessments. While not as impressive as Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Barbara lives a secret life as a fitness instructor. If there were a certification and licensure for dog walking, Barbara would be at the top of her class.

Barbara’s Calling: More Women in the C-Suite

While some of Barbara’s favorite clients are male, she is troubled by the dearth of women in the C-Suite. She believes that business is better when women are at the table. To pursue her calling, Barbara has designed an award-winning program in collaboration with the University of Delaware, and created a program called SheSpeaks with her business partner, Charlotte.

Participants in Barbara’s workshops have received promotions, recognition for their contributions, and report that while getting out of their comfort zone was challenging, the experience of advancing – instead of oscillating – is worth the effort.

Barbara is available to speak to women’s networks, and has received accolades from GE, SEI, United Technologies, Wharton, and many others.

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  • “Sensational! I could listen to Barbara read the phone book.”
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  • “I nailed my presentation thanks to your adept coaching!”
  • “If you ran for office I swear our entire organization would vote for you.”

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