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Barbara’s keynotes blend inspiration and education so that audiences don’t just sit there; they actively participate, interact, move and engage.

Barbara will customize any keynote around your goals to ensure relevance and resonance. People will walk away with a pep in their step.

Here is what one meeting planner said: “Your session was one of the highest rated programs this year. We hope you will come back!” – Women of Isenberg Conference Chair


Seven Reasons Why

  1. Energy and Enthusiasm: Some speakers deliver a talk. Barbara delivers an experience. Her audience leaves fired up and in a happier mood.
  2. No more bullet points: Barbara’s visual display captures and maintains the attention of your audience.
  3. Relevance: Barbara makes sure her talk is aligned with your audience, not the other way around.
  4. Tangible Takeaways: Ideas are great. So is inspiration. Barbara goes a step further and offers tools and techniques that can be immediately applied.
  5. Stories and Examples: Memorable and actionable keynotes incorporate storytelling and vivid imagery.
  6. Fun: The research is in: a little boost of dopamine helps us enjoy the moment and retain information.
  7. The ideal balance of structure and freestyle: Barbara can adjust her content and timing without losing her footing. She’s known for being able to go off script if that’s what the audience needs. Most often it’s the best part of the talk.
Listen to Barbara discuss the reasons that people succeed and fail in leadership.

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