DVD-Case2This is the story of you. Sometimes you struggle with a presentation to your team, your boss, your Board and sometimes you do just fine. But, you’re not consistent and your “system” of preparation….at best, well, it’s hit or miss. Deep down, you know you’ve got it, and today you’re ready to focus, learn and master the strategies of the best public speakers. That’s where we come in.

Our Dynamic Speaker Series addresses the “P’s” of your peak performance: Preparation, Practice, and Presentation. We’ll help you master them, – at your pace and on your schedule. The good news? This online, self-paced program addresses four key presentation pitfalls – one 20-minute module at a time. We guarantee practical, sound instruction and additional materials to plot your course and increase your ability to connect with and persuade your audience. You can take advantage of the series discount and invest in all four for $299 (that’s 50% off!) or hone in on individual modules as needed. The point is…

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Stop talking and start connecting! Stop telling and start persuading!

Let’s walk through the highlights of the Dynamic Speaker System, why you probably need it and what you can expect to learn and put into practice as soon as you complete each module. Ready?

square-1Module 1: Set Goals and Analyze Your Audience
The first mistake speakers make is failing to align their goals with audience needs. Until you identify who is in your audience, what they (your audience) need, and why they might listen to you, all your best ideas will be forgotten by the time you’ve said, “Any questions?”
Don’t think you can skip this step and still crush your next presentation.


Module 2: Create Killer Content: Use Our Storyboard
Most speakers start crafting their presentation by opening up PowerPoint and typing bulleted list (Admit it! This sounds very familiar). This is the worst thing to do! Without a road map or logical structure, the best intentions will go awry. Thankfully, we have a solution for that: the SpeakWell Storyboard Template. It just may be the most valuable tool we have.
Don’t wander and wonder how to get your best ideas organized and flowing. Use a Storyboard to outline and distill your best ideas. It will save you hours of time.

Storyboard Sample“I’ve done a lot of public speaking, and I confess I was a skeptic about a public speaking series, but that Storyboard Template changed everything for me.”

M. Cigna, Rapid7


Module 3: Create Powerful Visuals
You already know the third blunder, because you have been a victim of it yourself: Death by PowerPoint. Why do we have to be subjected to so much stuff on a slide, as if it were a Thanksgiving turkey. This module shares valuable insights and secrets of powerful visual display. Warning: After this module, it is highly probable you will want to start from scratch and create a brand
new deck ( and we promise, you will thank us for it!)

Death by PowerPoint“I have never worked so hard on a PowerPoint deck. The change was dramatic! Suddenly, I could see my way, and so could my audience.”

S. Duffy, TriNet


square-4Module 4: Energize Your Verbal,Vocal and Visual Delivery Skills The final frontier is your dynamic delivery. You can spend hours on your deck, and then undermine your hard work with bad posture, ineffective hand gestures, and off-putting vocal delivery. You’ve seen speakers do this.It’s time you assess and refine the three Vs of powerful delivery: verbal (words), vocal (tone of voice) and visual (body language). Because the most polished presenters align what they say with how they say it!

“I ran for City Council, and I relied heavily on the skills I learned from SpeakWell Partners. I was the persuasive communicator people wanted to hear from. I have no doubt that the skills I learned helped me win the election.

M Hadden, Newark, DE
The Bottom Line

Communication skills are essential to career advancement. If you have your line of sight on a promotion, a job change, a bigger portfolio, or a bigger year-end bonus, then this program is worth your time and money.

Imagine what your next speech or presentation will be like after the Dynamic Speaker System? As one client said, “My boss was so impressed that he asked me to join the sales team permanently.”

“All great leaders are outstanding communicators. If your career goal is to become a leader in your company, the Dynamic Speakers System is a worthwhile investment that will pay huge dividends”

D. Sinnott, Sinnott Executive Consulting

But Wait! There’s More! Introducing the Dynamic Speaker System PLUS

Let’s face it, we all benefit from individualized feedback. If you would like the benefit of 1-on-1 coaching and a trained eye to assess your visual display deck, then consider purchasing the Dynamic Speaker System Plus program. This includes two sessions via SKYPE from the comfort of your home or office. Let us be your mirror and coach to engage your energy and build your confidence.

So what exactly can you achieve with the Dynamic Speaker System?

You can personalize it; you can hone in on the one or two issues you need to work on. This series was designed with novice, nervous, and seasoned speakers in mind. Anyone who needs to up their game can benefit from this program. Whether it’s about preparation, practicing, or refining your platform skills, you will find something to help you meet your goals. In addition to the online modules, you receive a “cheat sheet” for every skill set covered in the series.

We see what’s possible for you. Can you see it, too? Here’s to your success. Let’s do this!DSSBarbara and Charlotte

Call or email: 857.301.0548 | info@speakwellpartners.com

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