Executive & Career Coaching

Leadership Development

It’s true that leaders are made, not born. It’s also true that leadership is hard. It starts with leading yourself: accountability, reliability, honesty, dedication. The next level is leading others. This calls for skills in other areas, such as communication, prioritization, delegation, trustworthiness.

And if you so aspire, the third level is leading the organization. The go-to skills in this area are: seeing the big picture, setting a powerful vision, caring and concern for both the bottom line and the people.

All of these skills can be learned through experience, motivation, and coaching. But first, you have to want to lead. If that’s the case, then let’s get started.

Career Development

Wouldn’t it be great if we all fell into our dream jobs and worked with zen-like bosses and collaborative team members? [Cue sound of screeching brakes]. The reality for most of us is we hit a rough patch along the way. Whether it’s a bad fit, a bully boss, or a dysfunctional culture, most career professionals find themselves in situations that require a clear line of sight on the future in order to make good decisions in the present. Easier said than done.

Every once in a while, we need the help of a supportive and neutral third party. That’s where I come in. I can help you navigate the rough waters of workplace conflict and career management. Call me if this sounds like something you could benefit from and we’ll schedule a no-cost consultation.

I use several models to help you achieve results. In a nutshell, here it is:

Bigger Boat