Written with the busy professional in mind, Barbara walks you through techniques and strategies to build confidence and crush self-limiting beliefs.

This book is the culmination of 10 years coaching successful, amazing women who all had a crisis of confidence that was neither warranted nor deserved. Barbara set out on a mission to discover not only why women suffer from lack of confidence more than men, but how to help women avoid the negative effects of rumination, self-criticism, and FUD (fear, doubt, and uncertainty).

Two promises: First, reading this book will be good for your career. Second, this book will be good for your soul.

“Barbara has created a one-stop shop for confidence-building. I felt like I had been in a two-day workshop when I finished the book. If you are ready to take action toward achieving your goals, this is the place to start.”

Linda Stewart

Interim Executive

“I don’t know how to thank you for this book. It is such a wonderful gift. I used to feel embarrassed in my MBA classes, because I am not loud enough or confident enough. After reading this book, I feel confident and I understand how strong I am. I am reading it again – out loud. ”

Archana D.

MBA Candidate

“This book is a must-read for any woman who has ever suffered from the ‘imposter syndrome.’ Barbara offers her expertise and insight with equal parts humor and compassion.”

Erin Flynn

Associate VP for Strategic Partnerships, Portland State University

“A powerful message of staying positive and keeping focused! And her accompanying workshop is so worth the time. I learned a lot about myself and feel energized to take action.”

Janet Killian

CEO, Gemini Janitorial Services