Speaking Topics

After 15 years as a workshop facilitator, there is every chance that the topic you are looking for is in my file cabinet.  Here is just a sample of the most-requested workshops and talks. 
Conducting Progress Conversations

Every employee should have clarity on their performance, their career path and potential growth opportunities. Yet many organizations only provide a yearly performance review. This workshop guides managers and leaders through the top ten elements of a progress conversation that can lead to deeper engagement and stronger commitments on the part of all team members.

Team-building Essentials

Great places to work have great teams. It’s that simple. But it’s not easy to achieve. Attention must be paid. Unleash the strengths and spirit of your people by building great teams.

Situational Leadership

Ever hear the expression “use the right tool for the job?” The same is true for supervision. Learn the core skills and approaches to developing self-reliant achievers.

The Coach Approach to Managing Others

This three-day branded program from Corporate Coach U will help your managers communicate more effectively, promote innovation, and get results. Could your organization benefit from better bosses?

The Rookie Manager’s Guide to the Universe

This three-day workshop is designed to get your “peer today, boss tomorrow” managers up and running. Each day focuses on a key theme and provides ample time for discussion, road-testing and reflection.

Speaking With Confidence

Jerry Seinfeld is famous for commenting that the average American fears public speaking more than death. He said, “That means we would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy!” Don’t let your key staff members be one of those people.

Managing Up

It takes two to make a relationship work. Help your administrative assistants, project coordinators – and anyone who has a boss – develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for productive working relationships.

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution

If Gandhi and Mother Theresa worked in the same office, there would be conflict. But they would likely have the skills needed to manage the conflict and work productively. Can you say the same for your team?

Persuasion and Influence

Two critical skills for career advancement are influence and persuasion. We get caught up in personalities, but the real skills of effective leaders are manifested in their ability to communicate in ways that people can understand and embrace.

Politics in the Workplace

When someone says, “I don’t play politics,” they are in denial. The question is, do people in your organization play good politics? This workshop walks participants through the key skills and behaviors for contributing to a positive work climate.