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A Bird? A Plane? No! It’s Your Expert Voice!

Super Girl

There comes a moment in every woman’s professional life when she needs to access her most authoritative, powerful, and expert voice – even when she is experiencing  trepidation, and her insides are quivering like a scared Chihuahua.

The “expert voice” is the manifestation of your most confident self.  The real you shows up – large and in charge. It is the expression of your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas – and when you use it, people listen, and they see you as a person to be respected, valued, and promotable.

You know – and feel – when you are being your most courageous and authentic self.  It feels right. It feels powerful. It feels inspiring. Yet, too often, the shadow self shows up:  nervous, tentative, and full of self doubt.  What does that voice sound like? Well, as one boss put it,

“She always sounds like she’s asking a question.  I never feel like she believes what she’s saying.”

This workshop provides you the space, time, and guidance to develop your Expert Voice – the voice that means business. We will walk through several vocal, visual, and verbal exercises to help you develop a three-part strategy to call upon your Expert Voice when you need her. We will even give that voice a name!

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Agenda:

Overview and Vocal Warm-up:  Establish focus, identify one area you want to work on

Self-Assessment and Practice Rounds:  When do you lose power?  What happens to your voice when you feel anxious?  

Aligning Body Language and Tone of Voice: Movement and vocal exercises to get your physical self aligned with your emotional self.

Identifying Mental/Emotional and Kinesthetic Cues:  Each participant will choose an image, a phrase, a word to call upon when opportunities surface, but fear is threatening to hijack that opportunity. 

Practice and Feedback:  Fun practice rounds with a partner resulting in actionable feedback you can use right now. 

Wrap-up:  Motivation lasts 14 days. We’ll make commitments to each other before closing the workshop with a final activity. 

Please join me!  Let’s get your inner voice to agree with your audible voice. When they align – look out!

Here are all the details:
Monday, May 9  |  1:30 – 4:00 pm  |  Arsht Hall – University of Delaware Wilmington Campus  | $49.00