Like you, Barbara is always looking for the answer to the question: what makes a great coach? Is it charisma? Experience? Focus? Positive thinking? Vulcan mind meld?

After 20 years of experience in the personal and professional development fields, Barbara’s view is more profound:  great coaching is transformational. It involves a process that generates deep behavioral insight and radical self-awareness that accelerates the performance of the individual, which then translates into success for the organization.

Referred to by her clients as the “People Whisperer,” Barbara helps career professionals stop running in place. She offers a safe place for clients to examine their satisfaction, performance and values in the context of their intentions. Barbara’s favorite slogan is, “No one can do push-ups for you.”

Barbara launched her own company in 2005 in order to combine her three favorite jobs: workplace learning, organizational development, and coaching. She has clients who hire her for a holistic program, starting with a soft-skill workshop that transitions into executive coaching and culminates in executive team consulting. Her success includes engagements with JP Morgan Chase, DuPont, Discover Card, Cigna, Rapid7, and many others.

Prior to running her own consulting company, Barbara was a coach and consultant on the New American High School Initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. This experience allowed Barbara to develop expertise in the theory and practice of change management and organizational improvement.

After many years of coaching, Barbara began to notice a trend in her coaching sessions:  female clients experienced more acute and longer-lasting bouts of self-doubt.  This led her to research the concept of women and confidence. The result is her book Commit to Confidence: 30 Strategies to Help Women Step Up and Stand Out.  

Barbara holds an M.S. in Psychology from Northeastern University and coaching certifications from Corporate Coach University and Right Management. She is also a proud member of Red Sox Nation.  While not as impressive as Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, Barbara lives a secret life as a fitness instructor.

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